Summer Trend: Three Ways to Wear White Skinny Jeans with George

5 June 2015

White Skinny Jeans*
Crop Top*

Lace Kimono*

Canvas Pumps*

I haven't done a fashion post in what feels like a long time, so I was really inspired when I was contacted about a 'Ways To Wear' opportunity with George. I actually buy a lot of my clothes from George anyway, I find they have just become better and better over the years.

I'd been after a pair of white skinny jeans for a long time, and I had loads of fun picking outfits to team them with. I think white skinny jeans are a real summer style staple - especially if you're like me, and you tend toward a somewhat monochrome colour palette. They help steer me away from my usual 'all black' ensembles for the brighter months, and also work great with a pop of colour. 

I have been absolutely wearing these to death ever since I finally got around to taking these outfit shots, and the fear of ruining them subsided. And despite the fact that I should mayyyyybe wait until I'm not so clearly retaining cake before I bust out the crop tops, the jaquard crop has been one of my most worn items these past few weeks - it goes with so many different options!

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Muse & Marmozets - Manchester Academy - 22/03/2015

2 April 2015

Matt Bellamy Muse Manchester Academy 22nd March 2015
Chris Wolstenholme Dom Howard Muse Manchester Academy 22nd March 2015
Muse, Manchester Academy - 22nd March 2015

Marmozets Manchester Academy 22nd March 2015
Marmozets, Manchester Academy - 22nd March 2015

Simple Gold Spring Makeup Look

21 March 2015


The other day I was absolutely full of a cold (still am actually, how long will this plague drag on for?!), and I didn't quite dare wear my trusty winged eyeliner, because I knew I would probably end up with eyes so watery that it all came off in a panda-esque mess throughout the evening. So I thought I would try something fairly simple, and I went for this gold spring makeup look.

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