Going Out Out

2 December 2015

Laciann Lace Playsuit - Luxemme

It isn't that often these days that I actually go out properly - you know, dressed like an actual lady. On occasion I will use the flimsy excuse of it being a Saturday to get really dolled up, but most of the time I can be found down the pub in a pair of jeans and some flat boots. So glam.

But now we are into December, which means it is officially party season, which means plenty of excuses!! Which makes me pretty happy. Recently the Manchester based brand Luxemme  sent me this absolutely stunning playsuit, which also made me happy. As soon as I tried it on, I fell in love. I have a habit of wearing black, black, and more black, but attempting to mix up textures a little bit to make things more interesting. 

The lace detailing on this is lovely, and the shape is so flattering. I really love the cut of the sleeves! 

I am going to wear this out the first opportunity I get to go out out... most likely paired with a blazer.

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#Bloggerlodge - A Little Jaunt to London

22 September 2015

A couple of months ago I was offered the opportunity to stay in one of Travelodge's refurbished hotels, and after considering the different cities offered, I decided that I hadn't been to London properly in ages, and it was about bloody time. So I packed my best mate and a bag, and off we trundled.

Our hotel was the Heathrow Travelodge, and we were booked in for two nights, so the first night was really just spent getting from the train to the hotel and getting plenty of rest. 

We stopped at my favourite London pub, The Rocket on Euston Road for sustenance, before hopping on the Picadilly Line to the hotel. It took around an hour to get there from Kings Cross, but no changes, then a brief Uber from Hounslow tube station up the road to the hotel.

Our room was fairly small, but the bed sure wasn't. I definitely got two very comfy nights of sleep. With many many gadgets between us, what with phones, cameras, chargers, hair straighteners and what have you, we struggled a little with the fact there were only two power points in the room, and neither of them were by the bed - but an ad in the lift informed us that you can get upgraded rooms which do have plugs by the bed, so that might be something to consider looking into if you have many many electrical things on your person like we generally do. Other than that, and a slightly mouldy shower head, the room was nice and clean and we could control the temperature which was much appreciated.

We did consider a couple of plans before we went, and very nearly booked ourselves onto the Warner Brothers tour because Harry Potter, but in the end we decided that it would be much nicer and far less stressful to just go with the flow, head down with no plan whatsoever and just see where the trip took us. We pretty much had one full day, which was nice, and neither of us really wanted to do anything too touristy - and shopping was definitely not on the cards. I wanted to see arty things, so we got up bright and early and tucked into the all you can eat breakfast (which was seriously good - we were both happy to discover that the bacon was done exactly to our preference) and headed off on the tube to central London. 

We made our way to Shoreditch, and pretty much spent all day just wandering around on foot. I got snap happy every single time we came across any street art, and we tried to go to the Cat Cafe, only to discover we were arriving just as they shut for an hour - so we ambled down Brick Lane and grabbed ourselves some coffee and cake at Kahaila Cafe instead. 

After a whole lot more wandering, we headed toward Tower Hill to treat ourselves to a Bodeans before heading back to the hotel. With eyes bigger than our stomachs, we merrily attempted to eat all the meat and fries in the world, and had several cocktails as it was happy hour and you know, those are the rules.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still dreaming about that meal - I may have to pay London another visit in the new year just for food purposes.

It was jolly nice of Travelodge to have us, and we had a really good trip! 

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Grill on the Alley, Manchester - #TCABurgerTakeover

23 July 2015

Grill on the Alley Manchester

Lately I've been kinda obsessed with burgers. I feel like it kinda came out of nowhere, but for the past couple of weeks I've just been eating a lot of burgers. I recently popped down to Manchester, to pay a visit to Grill on the Alley, who have teamed up with Thomas Cook to produce 4 American inspired limited edition burgers, to celebrate Thomas Cook's new Stateside routes.

These went on the menu on the 4th of July, for one month only, so you've still got a bit of time to pop down and try them for yourself.

The offerings in question are as follows:

NY Deli Burger: Classic with pastrami, pickle and Lancashire cheese

Boston Burger: With prawns and crayfish, garlic butter and back bacon

The Miami Burger: Pickled watermelon, pineapple and horseradish coleslaw

The LA Burger: Onion rings, guacamole, chipotle mayo and beer battered pickles

 The LAX Burger

I brought along one of my friends, and we settled down with some cocktails and the menu. I ended up going for the LAX burger, and she ordered a beef burger with bacon. We couldn't decide which starters/sides we wanted, so we opted for the platter to share, which turned out to be an excellent life decision. 

Everything we had was absolutely delicious, I was a big fan of the involvement of beer battered pickles, and my friend said I should definitely mention how much she enjoyed her cocktail. They asked us how we wanted our burgers cooked, and we both asked for medium, and received burgers cooked to perfection.

If you do manage to pop down before the end of the month to try any of these, use this link to book to be automatically entered to win a flight out to America yourself, and be sure to tweet a picture of your burgers to @GrillManc and @TCAirlinesUK Twitter accounts, and use the hashtag #TCABurgerTakeover for an extra entry! 

I've never actually been to the States before, so winning a flight to Miami or NYC would be amazing! You can read more about the destinations on the Thomas Cook blog.

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Summer Trend: Three Ways to Wear White Skinny Jeans with George

5 June 2015

White Skinny Jeans*
Crop Top*

Lace Kimono*

Canvas Pumps*

I haven't done a fashion post in what feels like a long time, so I was really inspired when I was contacted about a 'Ways To Wear' opportunity with George. I actually buy a lot of my clothes from George anyway, I find they have just become better and better over the years.

I'd been after a pair of white skinny jeans for a long time, and I had loads of fun picking outfits to team them with. I think white skinny jeans are a real summer style staple - especially if you're like me, and you tend toward a somewhat monochrome colour palette. They help steer me away from my usual 'all black' ensembles for the brighter months, and also work great with a pop of colour. 

I have been absolutely wearing these to death ever since I finally got around to taking these outfit shots, and the fear of ruining them subsided. And despite the fact that I should mayyyyybe wait until I'm not so clearly retaining cake before I bust out the crop tops, the jaquard crop has been one of my most worn items these past few weeks - it goes with so many different options!

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