Lake Komo @ The Yorkshire House


Crop Tee - Topshop
Joni Jeans - Topshop
Boots - New Look
Tattoo Choker - Totnes high street in the mid ninties...

This is an outfit from last week, from when I went to see one of our finest local bands Lake Komo playing. 

My disco pants have recently died a death, and I am truly devastated. I am still considering buying a new pair, but at half the price, I thought I'd pick up some high waisted jeans for now. I got the Topshop Joni jeans and they are pretty comfortable, but not nearly as flattering as my beloved AA Discos. I haven't worn jeans in about five years so it's kinda new territory for me. Am I the only person who is out of their comfort zone in jeans? 

I've also been busting out the old school tattoo chokers in recent months, ever since certain celebs "brought them back". I literally still had all my old ones from when I was a kid sitting in a drawer so I dug them out and I have loads of them... I may have been a little obsessed back in the day.

Lake Komo are definitely worth checking out, they're the kind of local band that you don't just go see because you're mates with them and you'd feel bad if nobody showed up, they're actually really talented and have a loyal fanbase. They're an awesome foursome (not that you can tell from the one fantastic tipsy iPhone shot I managed to salvage above) and last Friday's gig was definitely a success. The venue was packed, with everybody there singing all the words and a serious encore chant at the end. I see big things for these guys, and I always have their tunes stuck in my head! If you are going to Bestival definitely go and see them if you can, as they will be playing the BBC Introducing stage!

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Film Club #2 - Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy 10/10
Guardians of the Galaxy was a real treat. I love any film that makes me laugh out loud, and this film delivered more than a few times. There were also some really touching moments, and I got a bit emosh at one point. The humour was actually kinda subtle and didn't seem forced, the soundtrack integrated with the storyline perfectly and was just generally really enjoyable, and the characters were wonderful.

Marvel are on a roll at the moment, and this absolutely lived up to the hype. It actually exceeded my expectations because I wasn't 100% sure I'd enjoy it from the trailers I'd seen. This was purely because I suspected it might be a little bit too cheesey, but it totally wasn't, it was absolutely spot on! Believe the hype, and give it a watch.

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Leather & Plaid


Plaid/Checkered Shirt - Topshop
Leather Shorts - Topshop
Chelsea Boots - New Look

I won't lie, outfit posts are still a bit of a learning curve for me, and I find it hella awks posing for the camera but hopefully I will get there with time because fashion posts are definitely one of my favourites to read, along with lifestyle snippets. 

This is an outfit I wear quite a lot at the moment, I picked up the leather shorts and the plaid shirt back when Grazia were doing the amazing vouchers (did anyone manage to snap up a £250 one??) and I love wearing them together. I've also taken to putting on a cheap Primark beanie to cover my roots because I can't afford to get them done right now and it's getting a little bit out of hand.

My beloved Asos chelsea boots literally disintegrated off my feet earlier this year (it was traumatic, seriously) and I finally got around to replacing them! New Look can always be counted on for affordable footwear and these are just as comfy to walk in as my old ones were.

Photos taken in my jungle garden, I thought it made for quite interesting scenery as I don't have anybody to help me with pictures yet, nor do I have the courage to take to the streets!

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