Animal Print Jumpsuit - George at Asda*
Watch - Asos (old)
Sandals - Primark (old)

Summer is always my favourite season to dress for, because you need fewer layers, and can throw together an outfit which looks great, with very little effort at all. This is never more true than when you are styling a jumpsuit. This animal print one from George in particular I felt I could get away with making the main focus of the outfit, as the print already has quite a bit going on, so I just kept it simple with some sandals and a gold watch. 

I can't help feeling like this jumpsuit would work perfectly with a big floppy hat - something like this. The only hats I seem to own are beanies because I had myself convinced that I am not a hat person, but when ever I've worn this outfit I've found myself wishing I had a better hat collection. I think that would really dress it up!

I am seriously considering building up quite the jump suit collection because it's the perfect summer style staple - no need to fuss over whether tops go with bottoms, and it is SO comfortable.

And yes, my garden shed is the colour of a Smurf...

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Falling Back In Love With Models Own Utopia


Models Own - Utopia

Last year I fell in love with light, pastel shades. I had always been really into bright nails in summer, and dark nails in the winter, but I finally decided to branch out into the realm of pastels, and Models Own Utopia was a shade that I saw Lily Melrose raving about, and I just thought it was perfect. It was probably the first 'pastel' colour I got, and I wore it to death. It started off a whole love affair with light pinks, mint greens, and pale corals and this year I've found myself reaching for it on a regular basis again! 

It's the most perfect dusky mauve pastel colour I've ever met, and it's just the right amount earthy while still being girly and summery. If you're looking for a new summer colour and you somehow haven't tried this one yet, it's an oldie but a goodie and I really recommend giving it a chance!

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Mint & Leather



 Leggings - Topshop
Mint Blouse - New Look
Leather Blazer - New Look (old)
Wedge Sandals - George @ Asda (old)

 Please excuse my messy room, this is an outfit I wore out recently, which I loved. I dug out an old leather blazer I got from New Look for £7 in a sale years ago, which I don't get nearly enough wear out of, and paired it with my much loved green tartan Topshop leggings and a mint green sleeveless blouse I got in New Look recently. These wedge sandals look fantastic, but they absolutely killed my feet! I have barely worn them since I bought them last year because of this, but I do think they're really nice so I'm going to try breaking them in.

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