Drugstore Acne Coverage Foundation Routine


So I've mentioned a few times on here already about my acne, and I filmed a video showing you how I cover it with affordable products! Please be kind, I'm still very new to YouTube and videos!

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Galaxy Prints & Unicycles


Galaxy Skirt - Topshop (old - try eBay)
Crop Top - New Look
Chelsea Boots - New Look
Studded Bag - Matalan (old)
Jewelry - Accessorize & Topshop
Nails - See here

I went to Manchester this weekend to visit my friend who has recently moved there - her and her flatmates have the cutest little flat! She gifted me this Topshop galaxy print skirt and I am in love with it. Galaxy print has always been a huge favourite of mine. I almost feel bad blogging about it, but you can find it on eBay, and there are similar none Topshop versions out there!

One of her flatmates has a unicycle, and I haven't ridden one in around 10 years (I legit learnt to unicycle at school!) but turns out I can still totally do it! Didn't quite dare do it without support as I'd had a few drinks, and I was in heels and a skirt, but it was such fun!

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Film Club #3


Inbetweeners 2 10/10
Inbetweeners 2 was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. I loved the series, I loved the first film, and I loved the second one just as much. I'm always relieved when something I love manages to keep going without spoiling itself. This film had me in tears laughing, it was so so funny. It also made me nearly vom twice. Make of that what you will. If you haven't seen it yet and you enjoyed The Inbetweeners, what are you doing? Go see it now.

Hercules 7/10
Hercules was better than I actually expected it to be. I'll admit that I wasn't expecting much, and it certainly wasn't the film of the year, but it did pleasantly surprise me. It was kinda heartwarming, and I love mythology and faux history, so I did quite enjoy it. The plot surprised me as well, which was unexpected. Worth a watch if you're into The Rock and like the genre.

Let's Be Cops 8/10
I really enjoyed this film, it was completely and utterly far fetched, but that was obviously the point. The events in this film would never in a million years pan out this way, and it kinda worries me knowing there are people in the world who don't know the difference between films and real life and might watch this, but it was funny and the main characters' bromance was stereotypically nice. And Nina Dobrev is an absolute babe in it.

Lucy 8/10
Lucy was good, although not quite as good as I had expected from the trailers. I guess I went in with my expectations too high on this one, but I did still really enjoy it and really liked the concept behind the plot. The ending definitely had me and my friends going "what, it's over? I don't know what to think" but I was still thinking about the film a few days after watching it, and that's always a good thing. Morgan Freeman was absolutely essential to making this a good film I think, I can't imagine anyone else playing his character. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if him and Scarlett Johansson were replaced with anybody else. Worth a watch!

Sex Tape 7/10 
Sex Tape was pretty funny. I loved seeing Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal working together. It's interesting timing that the plot of the film is about explicit content being unknowingly uploaded to the Cloud, considering it coincided with The Fappening (or JLaw-gate) and that whole scandal. Obviously unintentional, as the film will have been made well in advance of that happening. I also think it will be pretty interesting when people try to pirate this film... It's definitely a funny film, and worth a watch, especially if you like the cast. 

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